Ph.D. Students:

  • Mingshi Yao, Ph.D. student, Aug 2023 – present
    • Dissertation topic: Carbon-Responsive Control of Buildings
  • Chibuoke Eneh, Ph.D. student, Jan 2023 – present
    • Dissertation topic: Aging-Aware Control of Motorized Energy Storage
  • Philani Hlanze, Ph.D. student, Jan 2021 – present
    • Dissertation topic: Modeling and Control of PCM-Based Energy Storage Integrated in Air Distribution Systems
  • Aly Elhefny, Ph.D. student, Aug 2019 – present
    • Dissertation topic: Modeling and Control of Freeze Desalination Systems

M.S. Students:

  • None


  • Jerson Sanchez, M.S., Aug 2021 – Dec 2023, currently research engineer at AAON.
    • Thesis topic: Development and assessment of constrained reinforcement learning-based controller for building demand response
  • Zhimin Jiang, Ph.D., Aug 2018 – Jun 2022, currently senior research engineer at Trane Technologies
    • Dissertation topic: Building cluster control to enable grid reliability and efficiency support
  • Haopeng Liu, Ph.D., Aug 2018 – Jun 2022, currently postdoc at University of Maryland
    • Dissertation topic: Gray box dynamic modeling of vapor compression systems for control optimization
  • Philani Hlanze, M.S., Aug 2018 – Dec 2020, currently a Ph.D. student at OU
    • Thesis topic: Integration of phase change material-based thermal energy storage in air distribution systems to increase building power flexibility