Research Topics:

Selected External Projects:

  • CAREER: An Altruistic Game Theoretic Framework to Characterize Environmental Responsiveness of Residential Electricity Consumption, NSF CBET, 02/2023-02/2028 (Active).
  • Aging-Aware Management of Motorized Energy Storage for Grid Flexibility Provision, DOE SC, 09/2022-08/2025 (Active).
  • Virtual Sensor-Based FDD and Control Suite for Widespread Adoption of Residential FDD-Embedded Heat Pumps, DOE BTO via Subcontract from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, 10/2022-09/2025 (Active).
  • An Innovative Zero-Liquid Discharge Eutectic-Freeze Desalination System, ARPA-E, 04/2019-08/2022 (Completed).

Total external research funding at OU = $4.89M; Cai’s share = $2.10M.